The COMBACTE approach: using clinical research networks to deliver clinical trials in antimicrobial resistance

As part of the New Drugs for Bad Bugs program the Innovative Medicine Initiative has initiated, amongst others, four research topics to improve the efficiency of evaluating new antimicrobial approaches in the prevention and treatment of infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria in Europe. The four topics, called COMBACTE-Net, COMBACTE-Care, COMBACTE-Magnet and COMBACTE-CDI are public-private partnerships. The overarching aim is to establish a pan-European clinical research infrastructure, which runs in parallel to executing clinical trials with new compounds. The first project (COMBACTE-Net) started in 2013 and in early 2018 more than 10,000 subjects had been enrolled in about 15 clinical studies embedded in the COMBACTE infrastructure. The infrastructure, achievements and future of the COMBACTE projects will be presented.