HIV and Ageing - Overview of HIV Ageing

The widespread use of antiretroviral treatment, and an increased focus on engagement and retention in care, has meant that people living with HIV (PLWH) in many parts of the world can now expect to experience a near-normal life expectancy.  As a result, the cohort of PLWH is ageing: recent data from the Netherlands suggest that by 2030 almost three-quarters of PLWH will be aged 50 years or older, with the prevalence of age-associated co-morbidities expected to increase as a result. Whether successfully treated PLWH experience an increased risk of these age-related co-morbidities compared to their HIV-negative counterparts remains a subject of debate.  In this presentation, I will describe the changing epidemiology of HIV in the UK and will present some of the clinical consequences of this for our population of PLWH.  I will also evaluate the evidence for premature ageing in PLWH and will highlight gaps in our research knowledge around this topic.